Thursday, January 5, 2017

stop playing the comparison game

Comparison has always been an issue in life and we all need to stop playing the comparison game. I think comparing ourselves to others is just human instinct, however being surrounded by women most of the time I feel as if this issue thrives among women in society as a whole. It also starts at an early age. I have heard my daughter as young as 4 compare herself to other little girls. This starts early and something that even I find myself doing at almost ...ummm 42 years old.

 Think about it, my daughter being five years old compares her hair to other girls all the time. This obviously is something she has become self contious of due to most of her friends having long flowing locks. She was slow growing hair and it is thin and not as long as most of her friends (sadly she gets this trait from her mother).    She always says, "so and so has such pretty long hair like Rapunzel, I want hair like her" no matter how often I tell her that her hair is beautiful she still compares her hair to other girls.

As girls grow they are always comparing themselves from academics to extra curricular activities comparing others being better gymnast, dancers, cheerleaders,etc.  I am all about some healthy competition, I feel it is a good thing however have we as a society become so competitive that we have taught our girls that even if they are not ranked the best the aren't the best.   If we are teaching our girls to be the best THEY can be then they ARE THE BEST.

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