Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Where I am....

Good Morning Friends and Family...

I am writing this letter today to you with much excitement and to be VERY transparent. To be honest, we have a rough couple of weeks... with to be honest... pure chaos. But I know that out of chaos comes great things. Over the past few months, I have started to take a look at my life and what I am doing.  I have often been referred to "as a jack of all trades" I have had many great experiences  in the work force. I have been successful at some and not so successful at some.    

I decided that it was time that I take a look at what has made me the happiest, and most importantly what has made God and my family the happiest.  A little over a year ago I set out to open a photography studio and at the same time launched my modeling agency and magazine. I had so many promising prospects and clients who seemed to be dedicated to  helping me fulfill this dream. However, as time and life has went by the faithfulness just has not been there.

 My photography business has done well but not as well as anticipated. The modeling agency is going okay. This market is hard to work and mostly working with children makes it difficult to keep afloat.  The magazine.... well that was a disaster.  I was so excited to set out on this venture however with the market being saturated, publishers who went out of business,  people who conduct dirty business, and the fact that my first publication only sold 9 copies left me feeling like a complete failure.  This was one thing I was thrilled about after months of speaking with publishers I don't feel that the magazine is in my best interest. I have also had a passion for fashion and attempted to place a boutique in my studio only to have that be a flop as well. 

This has left me standing wondering what in the world I am doing wrong? Some people may say... "maybe you were trying to do too much.... you have too many irons in the fire.... find one thing to do and be passionate about it" TRUST ME I HAVE HEARD IT ALL!!! Well the truth is.... there is truth to all of that... so what do  I do about it?  

So over the past few weeks I have taken a LONG look at myself, my life, and my businesses.  I have asked myself the following questions.

What makes me happy? My family. 
What has made you feel most fulfilled? Being there for my family and helping others
When were you the happiest in career? helping others through encouragement and ministry 
Why did you go into photography? I love helping people capture their moments in time
Why did you start a modeling agency? because I know a lot about the industry having worked in in the past and it was a good supplement to my studio. I love working with the models in every area and I hoped to help others to at least get their foot in the door.
Why did you start the magazine? Simply.... it was a great supplement to the photography business, studio, and could help pay the bills.
Why did you become a wellness advocate for doTerra essential oil? Because the essential oils brought change and healing to me personally and I have to share that with others so that their life can be changed. 
 Why did you become a presenter for Younique cosmetics? Because when I find something amazing and life changing I have to share it... why not get paid to do it? 

So after asking myself these questions I begin to search were I feel that God would have me be. What would please him.  I began to cross off some things immediately that I know are not working for me. 

First of all the magazine (that's a given) and many different aspects of my photography business. 

Over the past few weeks I have been working on many details of become certified in the following Life Coaching, Time Management + Social Media Marketing For Businesses.  These three things will allow me to incorporate the things I am passionate about to work together as a team  as well as be there for my family.  

Effective today July 1, 2015 
I will still be wellness advocate for doTerra and a presenter for Younique cosmetics. These two companies have totally changed my life as well as my families life and they work for our betterment. I love that I can help others change their lives as well by experiencing these two companies and all they have to offer. 

I will no longer be offering certain aspects of my photography business. I will not have set business hours any longer. It will be by appointment only. I will be working very closely with businesses helping them establish social media and marketing skills and providing life coaching to businesses and individuals. I will also be working very closely with models and individuals in the fashion industry to provide photography for there business including packages that will be available to the general public both locally and on location.  I will also be offering design setup for specialized sessions as well as branding services for my clients.

I do however desire to still work with all of  you... my amazing clients to capture your special moments in life. I will still provide child milestone sessions, engagement, maternity, birth, modeling  and family sessions.

Over the next few days and weeks you will begin to see the face of my business slowly change (for the good).  I love all of you so much and I appreciate how each of you have been there to support me and my business. It means so much and truly shows me who supports my heart and the passion have for whatever I am doing. I want to offer a special photography voucher to you. These vouchers are good for one year. They are good for the following sessions...
child milestone, engagement, maternity, birth, first birthday, and family sessions. Each session will include 40 photograher's choice edited images on disc and are good for ONE YEAR. These are $100.00 each.  If you want to lock in these prices you will want  to purchase these vouchers now. I will only sell 50 vouchers.  The sale will run through July 4, 2015 or when I have sold 50 vouchers. These will make excellent gifts for new mothers, birthday, engagements,  model head shots,  and Christmas!  Purchase now and give later. Later today you will receive my new price listing for these sessions so you want to purchase these vouchers while supplies last to lock in this AMAZING PRICE!  Click the link below to purchase your vouchers today. If you need more than 5 message me for more details. Once you have purchased your vouchers you will be contacted via email with more details. 

Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support over the past few years.  I feel that I am moving in a direction that will be pleasing to God as well as help me be there more for my family.  I also feel that it will allow me to settle into the true gifts and callings that God bless me with that I can utilize to help others.  Much Love to you all!

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